Castle Crashers Own / Want List

Username Comments
PokemonDiamondMaster None
Akira_EX None
Gotenks None
SS4Gogeta None
Principality None
Woodentop Good, but can get frustationly hard.
Ajax None
Razite None
omegamustard None
master keaton None
Cosmic Fool None
mtroster None
Forsaker None
Aoyagi_Ritsuka None
SpartanJJ07 Very fun. Not too bad at all.
Salty 4.5/5 - Completely worth the money, Multiplayer value can be ruined by assholes
Grimmjow48 Red Castle Crasher.
31robot None
Daxter 101 None
superscotch24 None
Saint617 None
Darkjade12 None
Cakekey None
xXFistLeoXx None
lethalmind None
Scater None
danielvillarreal None
Skorbian None
rjavig None
betterthansoap best xbox live game ever.
Predator Mantis None
Cherrie_pie None
cameron3101 None
Rocking Cucumber None
CaramelSouljer None
Miragedres None
Darkness912 None
Mon100 None
Crumb None
CrystalLaser None
Ashmund None
TechoBoy None
Sapphiryeon None
GarnetDust None
TheMIBJC69 None
cooperdawson3512 None
N64 None
supreme None
sublimetool None
MikeyGrea None