The game takes place during a seemingly WWII like era. Locales, vehicles and weapons have the look and feel of WWII with some stylistic differences. The world in which 1942: Joint Strike takes place is not our own and the events that transpire are not historically accurate nor are they intended to be. This is a world alternate to ours where history and technology developed along its own path.


1942: Joint Strike takes inspiration and influence from the 194X series of World War II-themed vertical shooters. The art, sound, and gameplay of the new game takes cues from the original 194X games, but stands out as its own unique entry. Gameplay resembles the classic 2D style that gamers expect, but the game utilizes a full 3D engine.

1942: Joint Strike will have players jump into the cockpits of WWII-era aircraft to take on huge waves of incoming enemy fire, dodging explosions and missiles while challenging huge bosses at the end of each stage. New co-op "Joint Strike attacks" combine the powers of two aircrafts into a devastating barrage.


  • Classic arcade style gameplay with 3D HD graphics!
  • New Joint Strike attacks, weapons, and power ups!
  • Two-player local or online missions!
  • Top-down vertical shooter

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