The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Completed

Username Completion Date Achievements
OmegaFury Jan 24, 2014 None
KurtisTrent May 23, 2012 None
michaelwah5 Jan 1, 2012 None
ProtossZealot Jan 1, 2011 None
Meleekimy Jan 6, 2010 Simply got everything! 60 Poes Soul All the Fish Biggest Quiver and Wallet Beated Ganondorf Cave of Ordeals done!
ShadowNc Oct 11, 2009 All poe souls and all heart pieces. Have caught all fish, have all letters, hidden skills and bugs. Also have completed Cave of Ordeals twice. Beating four Darknuts at the same time is not easy.
Pokemon cheater Apr 6, 2009 I have the Giant Quiver,Giant Wallet, All four Bottles, Beat every Boss, Opened the Malo Mart Castle Branch, Started the Hot springwater booth back up in castle town, Collected All Golden Bugs, Collected All Poe Souls, Have all fish,Beat the cave of ordeals and activated every Portal there is.
Link3342 Feb 10, 2009 None
Hell Fire Feb 1, 2009 Score: 7.8/10
marioman Jan 8, 2009 -did 2 games -0 heart containers/pieces of heart collected -compleated the game (duh)
Lesley Pro_04 Jul 1, 2008 This was a lot of fun to play on the Wii, and a great game overall. The biggest difference between the Wii and Game Cube versions of this game is that I worked up a heavy sweat in the very last battle; the only other time I ever sweat as heavy as I did then is when I did TaeBo as part of a weightlifting class during Senior Year of High School. I will eventually get everything that is in this game once the time becomes available. I also hope to repeat this great Legend of Zelda experience with the next game that comes out in this series......that is, once that particuluar game comes out.
koutsiog Apr 3, 2008 This game is great
imatramp Dec 9, 2007 Mother-f***ing awsome game, if you played all the Zelda's it is too similar though. And Midna's hints in the final boss battles made it a bit easy to figure out. But fun all round. Especally for just randonly riding around on Epona. Needed the orcorina.
kisamerocks001 Oct 31, 2007 -- Two golden bugs left -- got the big quiver -- dont know how many poes are left ^-^ -- beaten everything so far
SuperKrauser Oct 1, 2007 I beat this game 100% I have found all 60 poe souls.
Master of the VG Sep 7, 2007 All heart pieces, bugs, armor, still have to finish cave of ordeals.
Hybrid Jul 23, 2007 None
GallantmonX Jul 1, 2007 Wonderful game; everything done. At least.. I think most of it is done.
snapperfishes Jun 14, 2007 Not sure when did I actually complete this game. All I know is that I finished it sometime before the summer.... still have to capture all the poe souls, bugs and defeat the cave of ordeal though.
Solid Snake 4Life Jun 1, 2007 None
trixareformyass May 23, 2007 got almost all heart containers and items!What Casino Royale did for james bond this does the same to the wii.kickes ass and takes names!
leon scott kennidy May 11, 2007 this game is the best loz game i have ever played in my 13 years of life its one of my favoret games and i wish i could just keep playing it like i first did but i cant becuase i know where every thing is but when i first beat it i was so full of joy and it was such a amazing gaame that i beat it 20 more times i think i have played this game more than any other game except for re4 ive beaten that game 567 times on round 568 but who ever that dosent have loz tp get it as fast as you flipin can and see what the game is all about i think i will keep this game until i have kids and give them the game so they can see how fun it is so yeah buy the system gc or wii and defently get thisa game it id do fun buy it buy it buy it buy it buy.
Gydaz Apr 11, 2007 I beat this a while ago, the date might be wrong.....
Zeldman Apr 4, 2007 Everything done
Super Adam 13 Mar 24, 2007 Completely Complete
nickm717 Mar 10, 2007 Most of the heart pieces.
FFXFREAK Mar 2, 2007 God, this game was awesome.
Dr_ Oetker Mar 1, 2007 None
maybe Feb 25, 2007 I got the game January 20th after standing in line for it for about an hour and a half. Large Quiver Three bomb bags Level seven of Roll Goal (Argh! It's so unfair! The gamecube version is so easy for Roll Goal!) About 35 poes Large Wallet, all bugs All hearts and Heart Pieces Needs to do: Cave of Ordeals, Roll Goal (3 levels left) Loves: Midna, Iron boots as an item instead of clothing (Like in OoT), spinner, double clawshot, and using more items on Epona (instead of just bow like in Oot and MM). Hates: Link's being right-handed in the Wii version. I mean, seriously, how hard is it to communicate with the gamecube version and do the same thing. Link's supposed to be left-handed. It wouldn't have been so bad if they were both right-handed, but they're not.
dxrocks_666 Feb 20, 2007 None
Oogity_Boogity_Boo Feb 17, 2007 None
sum_dude Feb 14, 2007 None
Demonfurby Feb 12, 2007 Fuck Yeah 60 hours
Fallen Master Feb 1, 2007 None
Glitzville Feb 1, 2007 None
Windy Kun Jan 31, 2007 WAY too easy, but still a good game.
BradSK Jan 24, 2007 None
Lute Pwns All Jan 19, 2007 Is it me or r the zelda games getting easier
Sora65 Jan 12, 2007 Everything except Poes completed
tjprettyman Jan 12, 2007 None
dolphinboy Jan 6, 2007 None
Roy Jan 5, 2007 None
Dogsbaby Jan 4, 2007 Took me so long to beat it, finally i beat it though.
BeastBoy Jan 4, 2007 None
Sgt Uricchio Jan 3, 2007 Everything Obtained! Completed Main Story! Max Rupees!
silver_tidus Jan 1, 2007 None
Zaraze Jan 1, 2007 None
Alieninvasion11 Jan 1, 2007 None
The Deathwind Jan 1, 2007 Some of the best 37 hours of my life. Enough said.
Andy Jan 1, 2007 - Storyline and Side Quests completed.