Last summer, one man revolutionized the current WWE landscape. In a legendary moment at the end of Monday Night Raw, WWE Superstar CM Punk--as The Voice of the Voiceless--changed everything the world knew about WWE. Through his words and actions, a new leader emerged to set a higher standard, convey a new brand of attitude and ultimately ignite a revolution among the WWEUniverse. His mantra? "Best in the World."

It’s not the first time WWE has seen such rebellion. Nearly 15 years ago, the legendary "Stone Cold" Steve Austin also revolutionized the WWE realm, sparking a new generation of supporters through his relentless, antihero behavior in one of WWE’s most celebrated time periods: the Attitude Era. Why did it happen? In his words, "'Cause Stone Cold said so."

Today, a new crusade is on the horizon, and it doesn’t start with an iconic WWE Superstar on television, online or at a live event. WWE '13 is imminent, and it’s time to Live the Revolution.

Game Play

THQ’s flagship WWE videogame franchise returns to provide the most authentic, seamless and passionate experience to date – all while turning up the attitude. WWE '13 will transform WWE gameplay through the introduction of WWE Live™, completely changing the way players embrace the videogame’s audio and presentation elements. Predator Technology™ returns to further implement critical gameplay improvements, while fan favorites in WWE Universe Mode and the franchise’s renowned Creation Suite are poised to offer the utmost in player freedom. Furthermore, WWE '13 will introduce a groundbreaking, single-player campaign based on the highly influential Attitude Era. Complete with a robust roster--the largest to date in the franchise--along with a host of additional features, WWE '13 is ready to live a revolution all its own.


  • WWE LIVE™ – Experience the atmosphere, spectacle and fervor of a WWE live event through attention-grabbing Spectacular Moments, including ring breaks and barricade crashes, along with a brand new audio and presentation system designed to produce the most authentic and vibrant commentary, sound effects and crowd participation levels ever experienced in a WWE videogame.
  • THE ATTITUDE IS BACK – Return to an unparalleled and groundbreaking era in WWE history--a time of pure raucousness, grandiose personalities and colossal revolution--through a franchise-first single player campaign focused on eight purveyors of attitude during the famed television "Monday Night Wars," including WWE Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.
  • WWE UNIVERSE 3.0 – Control the virtual WWE experience like never before in the popular career-style mode, as individual decisions throughout gameplay will dynamically introduce matches, alliances, rivalries and unpredictable moments along the path toward becoming a WWE Champion.
  • PREDATOR TECHNOLOGY™ 2.0 – Driven by new animations, transitions and modified controls, Predator Technology returns to deliver intelligent, fluid and engaging WWE action, resulting in a smoother gameplay experience than its predecessors.
  • CREATE + SHARE – Utilize the franchise’s industry-defining Creation Suite to develop and customize Superstars, entrances, arenas, finishing moves, storylines, highlight reels and more, as well as share and download creations with others from around the world.
  • DISTINGUISHED ROSTER – Compete with a vast array of WWE Superstars and Attitude Era luminaries from the largest roster in franchise history, including cover Superstar CM Punk, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Sheamus, Undertaker, Mankind, Chris Jericho, Big Show and Mark Henry.
  • SURPRISES IN STORE – Live the Revolution through future announcements, including additional game features, a comprehensive roster reveal, downloadable content and big surprises.

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