Wii Sports Resort is the sequel to the game Wii Sports. It is a game featuring a collection of sports played by the player's Mii character, in a tropical resort area. A special device will be released with the game to enhance motion detection, which will aid in some of the games.


The game will feature 10 different games, including: Frisbee (Disc Dog), Jet Skiing (Power Cruising) and Fencing (Sword Play). The games will require gamers to use the remote and nunchuck, as well as a new motion sensor device, to complete games.


  • Sequel to the popular Wii Sports game
  • 10 different games to play
  • New motion sensor device packaged with the game
  • Gameplay set on a bright and colorful beach with a resort
  • Compete against computer players and family members
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wii motion plus was cool and rather fun but it got old. as did wii sports WiiSportsResort Wii
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This is a really awesome, nice, and fun game! Healthy, too! WiiSportsResort Wii
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Wii Sports proved itself to be one of the most sold games of all time.
The success of...

too awsome
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cool dude [or dudet] WiiSportsResort Wii

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Came with my second Wii. WiiSportsResort Wii
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Beast! I have mastered swordplay and wakeboarding! WiiSportsResort Wii
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Fun. WiiSportsResort Wii

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Had to have it!! WiiSportsResort Wii
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Master of swordplay XD WiiSportsResort Wii

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better version of original WiiSportsResort Wii
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