Wii Sports, a five-game sports compilation, includes the games of baseball, bowling, boxing, golf, and tennis. You swing the the controller just like you would a tennis racket, baseball bat, or a golf club.


Prepare to play the simplest game for the Wii. Your Wii Remote is your life. According to which game you will play, the controller takes the role of a baseball bat, punching globes, a tennis racket, your golf swing, and your Bowling ball!

<li type="square"> To use it as a baseball bat, just swing the remote from left to right.
<li type="square"> To use it as your punching globes, connect the nunchuck and move both controllers forward and backward in a repetitive movement.

<li type="square"> To use it as your tennis racket, just move the controller in the correct timing to hit the ball.

<li type="square"> To use it as your golf swing, just move the controller like a real swing!

<li type="square"> To use it as your bowling ball, just move the controller imitating a professional bowling movement!


    <li type="square> Be active! The first Wii game uses both Wii Remote and Nunchuck to play the games.

    <li type="square> Five different sports! Tennis, Bowling, Baseball, Golf and Boxing.

    <li type="square> Customization! Use the Mii of your own creation to play the games. If you didn't create one, you can select one made by default.

    <li type="square> Multiplayer! You can play the games with four other people.

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