Wii Hardware Own / Want List

Username Comments
PhantasyHawk9073 None
Master of the VG None
Murray3 None
shadows power None
Big Willie None
Jeg None
tommex None
King Link None
Hybrid None
Slayerholic17 None
super sonic2 None
bbb7002004 None
xtremepokemontrainer None
yugiRULER None
Team Xtreme None
King Arthas 89 None
ssjgoten None
djminkus777 Awesome.
game_testerWB1 Undiscribable!
Chad None
Jaw7765 Great system with lots of options
thunder_stryke My favorite system ever ^-^!!
halomaniac None
JugJug None
brandoni16 None
BeastBoy None
Mattyo94 This...System...Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shadow92 Waited two hours for this...and it was worth the wait.
Comic man Finally.
DTX None
o_snuffles_o Best Console Yet
gameboy613 None
Rayquaza 2982 This Console is the best
Neon the Chao None
Zero x201 None
Capoland None
Dogman SP None
dark oni link None
wbsonic I got the Wii!
Solid Snake 4Life I had to go to five difrrent stores but it was worth it!!
tornjinx None
lary bob joe None
Alieninvasion11 None
mo ice ***** no
cheezy556 Sweet
Enigma the Guardian None
Kutless None
danny2 i sell u it for ifinity dollars
Pretty Princess None