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Average Review Score: 6.5/10

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We Ski Reviews

website score publish date
Digital Chumps 6.4/10 Jun 09 '08
GameDaily 7/10 May 13 '08
GamePro 3.5/5 May 23 '08
GamerNode 7.0/10 May 22 '08
Gamespot 7/10 May 29 '08
GameTap 6/10 May 22 '08
GameZone 6.0/10 May 15 '08
IGN Wii 6.0/10 May 20 '08
UGO C May 23 '08
Wii Nintendo Life 7/10 May 27 '08
X-Play 3/5 May 21 '08
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We Ski Previews

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Gamespot on Jun 01 '08

"What We Ski lacks in high-speed thrills it makes up for with varied challenges, charming visuals, and a great control scheme."

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GameZone on May 27 '08

"The $30 price tag isn't too bad for gamers craving the latest in motion control. But without a real campaign to jump into, We Ski feels like a collection of random, unrewarding races and mini-games."

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IGN Wii on May 27 '08

"We Ski put itself in a great position for the launch of Wii Fit, but it's unfortunate that the core game doesn't support the well-executed balance board integration with stronger core gameplay."

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UGO on May 27 '08

"We Ski isn't the deepest game out there, but it does offer a more fun-oriented use for your shiny, new Balance Board than Wii Fit does. Considering what you get, the budget price of $30 is still..."

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X-Play on May 27 '08

"We Ski is a low key game for people who want to experience skiing on their own terms. Veteran racers expecting a more traditional format or trick-based game should treat this title like a..."

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