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Product Wiki Description: Wario receives an antique globe and telescope that allow him to travel to the once-idyllic Shake Dimension, now conquered by the tyrannical pirate, the Shake King. With the assistance of his longtime rival, Captain Syrup, he must rescue the Merfles, denizens of the Shake Dimension imprisoned by the Shake King. Only by defeating the bosses of all five continents of this strange world can Wario find and confront the Shake King, rescue Queen Merelda, queen of the Merfles, and, most... submit new
Release Date (North America):Sep 22, 2008 submit new
Release Date (Europe):Sep 26, 2008 submit new
Release Date (Japan):Jul 24, 2008 submit new
Release Date (Australia):Sep 25, 2008 submit new
Perspective: submit new
Themes:None submit new
Publisher:Nintendo submit new
Developer:Good-Feel submit new
Online Co-op: submit new
Offline Co-op: submit new
Online Multiplayer: submit new
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Alternate Titles:Wario Land: The Shake Dimension (Europe)
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