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TrackMania on Wii is the first home console outing for Nadeo’s popular PC arcade racer. In Single Player mode, TrackMania lets you race on over 200 fun-filled tracks across 6 diverse environments: Stadium, Island, Coast, Desert, Rally and Snow. Tracks are composed of crazy design elements: including tilted roads, ramps, jumps, speed boosts and incredible loop-the-loops.

The comprehensive Track Editor tool allows you to create your own custom tracks using the Wii Remote + Nunchuk; and hundreds of building blocks. Following construction, you can test your tracks locally before sharing them with your Friends via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

TrackMania also features a rich Multiplayer experience. Challenge your friends to a race via local Hotseat or Split-Screen multiplayer or take on TrackMania players around the world via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. A World Ranking Leaderboard tracks your performance against players around the globe as you play. You can also upload and download times and ghosts for the official Single Player tracks.

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