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In the escalating political climate of the near future -where strategies on the battlefield must be delicately balanced with maneuvers at the negotiating table- a new breed of soldier has arisen. Trained to be better than the best and outfitted with the most comprehensive array of high-tech gear ever assembled, the future soldier stands apart by his ability to remain undetected. He slips unseen behind enemy lines. He uses the perfect combination of diplomacy and force to achieve his objectives while remaining politically invisible. He is a Ghost.

When a stolen military grade bomb takes out a Ghost Squad, a new Ghost Unit must track down the source of the weapons. But the trail Kozak, Ghost Lead, Pepper and 30K follow leads around the world, into the corridors of power where rebellion and war are brewing. Soon, the Ghosts are all that stands between the world and a devastating global conflict.

Game Play


  • 50 Weapons, endless possibilities
    Get unlimited access to the most advanced arsenal in the world, with over 50 weapons including highly customizable assault rifles, pistols, shotguns and submachine guns. Choose from a wide variety of grenades to suit your mission objectives and context.

  • A bone-rattling battlefield experience
    Dive into the ferocity of the battlefield as you cover swap to outsmart your enemies, or shoot from cover to pin them down and let your team outflank them. This is one of the most visceral firefight experiences you'll ever get in a game.

  • Four soldiers vs. an army
    Feel the power of the elite warfighter. A high tech arsenal and prototype weapons will give you a decisive edge on the battlefield. Four men acting as one will do the rest: silent approaches, synchronized takedowns and mutual trust will make you invincible.

  • Weapons of the future
    Spy on the enemy with remote-controlled drones to plan devastating attacks. Use the mighty power of the Warhound to counter air and ground armored units. Vanish in the heart of action thanks to advanced optical camouflage technologies.

  • See everything, destroy anything
    Activate your Cross Com and get access to A.T.L.A.S, the brand new Augmented Reality system displaying real-time battlefield intel. Synchronize with your team thanks to the W.A.R. targeting system, and multiply your firepower.

  • Gunsmith your weapon
    With the power of the Gunsmith customization system at your fingertips, you can choose every component of your weapon. From the aiming sight to the trigger and the recoil system, the possibilities are endless and the choices are decisive.

  • Engage the fight the way you want
    Play tactical and take down your enemies silently by using the synchronized shot, optical camouflage and drones, or go more direct and reckless by unleashing hell. It's up to you to decide what tactic is the best for the situation.

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