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TMNT Reviews

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Game Freaks 365 6/10 Mar 25 '07
Gamespy 3.5/5 Mar 21 '07
IGN Wii 5.5/10 Mar 21 '07
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IGN Wii Feb 21 '07
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Game Freaks 365 on Mar 25 '07

"It’s unfortunate that the first TMNT effort on Nintendo Wii didn’t turn out so well. As a childhood fan of the movies, television series, and toys, I was hoping for more from Ubisoft’s first..."

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Gamespy on Mar 22 '07

"If you judge TMNT on its own merits as a platform-hopper with a dash of semi-imaginative combat thrown in, then it's a fine game. Does it completely redeem the decades of cash-grabbing that plague..."

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IGN Wii on Feb 22 '07

"In short, TMNT is a friendly, easy game that will bring back some fond memories, but won't, by any means, challenge the hardcore gaming psychonaut inside of you."

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IGN Wii on Mar 22 '07

"The Wii controls don't do anything to take proper advantage of Nintendo's unique remote and nunchuck and do more to hamper the gameplay. You can't use the classic controller with TMNT either,..."

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