Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.3/10

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Reviews

website score publish date article quality
EuroGamer 7/10 Mar 28 '07
GameDaily 7/10 Mar 16 '07
1UP 7.5/10 Mar 13 '07
GameSpot 7.5/10 Mar 13 '07
Gamespy 4/5 Mar 23 '07
IGN Wii 7.0/10 Mar 14 '07
Nintendojo 7.0 / 10 Jul 09 '07
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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Previews

website publish date article rating
IGN Wii Jan 17 '07
IGN Wii Mar 02 '07
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Quoted from Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Reviews:
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"In the end, the real courses, the pace of play, the new One Ball mode (a multiplayer mode where two players trade shots on the same ball, trying to sabotage each other so they can make the final winning putt), and the "grown-up" factor make this worth a play for any golf enthusiast. The control hiccups may cause problems, but most of them can be countered with care. But the biggest bonus: Not once will you see starlight dancing off the ball."
"Tiger Woods 07's excellent use of the Wii's motion-sensing abilities makes it a worthwhile purchase for anyone looking to hit the links on the Wii."
"If you've already picked up 07, what you're really getting here is a shot to play some impressively immersive golf using the Wii Remote. It's a solid demonstration of the technology. And if you're trying to tempt a golf fan into golf gaming, this could be just the ticket. Hardcore fans, meanwhile, will have to choose between the innovative control of the Wii version and the better graphics and online features of the others. Whichever you end up getting, you can look forward to a solid game of links."
"It would be perfect if Tiger matched your movements with the Wiimote, so we'll see if EA can tweak the putting sensitivity. As it stands, Tiger 07 is impressive and is looking to be the golf game we hoped to find on the Wii."
"That being said, most of Tiger's production is still really high. The gameplay may not be perfect swing tracking like Wii Sports, but it's still fun, and all the modes and options are still there. There's a full create-a-player mode (all Wiimote IR supported as well), a full single player career mode, tons of arcade modes (such as battle golf and target), some multiplayer goodness, and a bunch of options for the game. The entire game is played solely with a Wiimote, having most actions assigned to the A button and use of IR. Even shot aiming, while still a bit sketchy in its precision, is all handled by actually grabbing the aiming circle and moving it around the course before a shot. If the game can be cleaned up a bit in its overall execution between now and its release, it definitely has enough options and modes to please any golfing addict out there."