Lost in Azure's The Sims 2: Castaway Review

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Insanity Prevails Jun 6, 09

Only Sims game I played was Bustin' Out (or something like that anyway). I found it too tedious to play. =\ Doesn't sound like my kind of game still.

Ah well, nice review SSBB Crazy.
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Lost in Azure Jun 6, 09
Oh audio and visual, I'll edit that in.

And yeah, some people find Sims very dull while others find it quite interesting. The same goes for interests in the game. Some people enjoy building buildings but ignore the actual game while others find it fun to live a simple life.

And thank you Insanity Prevails, hopefully I'm improving with each new one I create. (:
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BlackRainbow Jul 7, 11
I personally think it's okay that there aren't too many clothing options in the beginning... I mean, that's basically just a prelude to the actual game... the customization options as in body type, face, and personality are still good, but that's because you can't edit them later. The real clothing customization options come later on when you craft your own clothing... that's like, the point of the game.