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Duncan Idaho Dec 26, 12
if you dint liked the game that much why dint you gave it a 1? seriously you review merley touches important aspects of a fresh mechanic, the power of the outsider is actually limited, and it's a MUST to be used on your second run, i mean the first run is a tutorial, the second run of this game will *bleep* you, often, bosses and enemies skyrocket to ungodly levels, and you wont be over lvl 27 even with grinding, the first boss? it's now a level 87 boss, the ogre? max level and huge stats, enemies also become much smarter and hard to deal with, nameley the reptiles found later in the game, those with ease can kill you, the story isnt to brag but the battle mechanics are fresh, i dare you to name where wall running is used to empower your allies and spread status effects, also the end game bosses become much much difficult to deal, nameley the last one, zanguark altho difficult it's doable, the last one needs hours even with a maxed out party suddendly skyrocketing the difficulty, and you dint even bother going onto the third tier abilities of characters.
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upmagic Dec 26, 12
If the 2nd run through of the game is so much better, it should of done a better job of convincing me with the 1st, no? That's 20 hours of my time, after all. I apologize for not delving into the all of the character's abilities, I only chose to take manual control of them for certain fights since most of the time they place enough circles down themselves to make things go smoothly. And the fact is you can whack your way through this game save for a few bosses, so it would seem like a waste of space to explain everything, right? The ending fight was indeed suddenly harder than everything else, but I don't recall specifically mentioning difficulty as this game's problem.

Also, giving a game you don't like the lowest possible score is dishonest. I don't hate this game, in fact it worked well enough that I mildly enjoyed it. It accomplishes everything a typical RPG sets out to do, and if that's what you enjoyed about it, then great. A 5 is an average, if entirely unimpressive score, but it hardly means the game is unplayable.

And keep in my mind that "fresh" aspects aren't inherently fun aspects. The Last Story's unique design doesn't put it ahead of anything else in the industry by default.

Thanks for reading, though. And I personally still hope to see me more games come from overseas in the years to come!