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A new full-fledged RPG exclusively for the Wii from Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey designers Mistwalker, led by the father of Final Fantasy, Hironobu Sakaguchi. The theme of the game is to explore human emotions and the universal feelings of humanity. More information on the game will come with a developer's blog in March.


While the mainland of the Empire faces both conflict and the slow creep of the dying land, there is one region that continues to prosper - Lazulis Island. The key to the island's defences is a battery of mighty guns, which exude some strange magic that seems to draw monsters in.

The young mercenary Zael, along with a band of fellow adventurers, comes to the island in the hope of finding more work. Their new employer is none other than the ruler of the island himself, Count Arganan. If they can meet the Count's expectations then there is some hope that their unstable mercenary existence could become a thing of the past. For Zael and his companions, who dream of a stable life as knights, this job represents a chance they may never get again.

Then, during their exploration of a cave as part of their first mission, Zael obtains a mysterious new power...

Much of the game is set in Ruli, a peninsular bay home to a thriving merchant metropolis. Ruli has survived relatively unscathed from the war and devastation over on the main continent, and the city in its center is massive and filled with twisty back alleys. It is run by Count Alganan, a cunning leader with shrewd political sense and a full knowledge of magic and its potential powers.

Game Play

Battles are at the heart of the game and take place in real time. The player controls the main character, Zael, and moves freely around the battlefield using the special power he possesses - known as the "Gathering" - to support his allies and help the battle proceed more smoothly. You also have access to a variety of strategies relating to terrain, such as attacking from behind cover or destroying obstacles.

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