Mikstaslaya's The Conduit Review

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LZ Schneider Jul 9, 09
Fine review, however, that last bit about the "alien sounds" is 100% innacurrate. The alien sounds were made by two local voice actors that HVS has hired for this video game, and any similarities between them and Halo's are conicidential. Besides, in Halo, the aliens sound like they're grunting at you, in Conduit, they sound utterly *bleep*.
Either way, this is a good a review. Nice job.

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Mikstaslaya Jul 9, 09
Ripped off of Halo does not mean they literally used the exact same sounds as Halo did, LZ. It just means they completely copied exactly how they sounded. Obviously they didn't take the same sound files, I mean they have to have some originality. But they still both have VERY similar alien sounds, more so than any other alien shooter.