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A crumbling mansion is home to a most peculiar picture book. Gather your courage and open the door to this odd, unsettling and slightly scary tale. Solve innovative puzzles by using the Wii Remote to throw animated paper bears into the picture book's unusual pages. Grab all the red candies found inside with careful placement of your bears and clever manipulation of the unique environments. Delve into the unfolding drama of Pina, the mysterious young girl residing in the mansion. Thirty excitiing and challenging stages await you!

The simultaneous release Chaotic Conflicts is a parallel game with its own tale and battle-oriented stages. Complete both games to uncover an even deeper mystery...


  • Obtain candies by solving puzzles
  • Throw characters by flicking the Wii Remote
  • Tackle a rich array of fun and challenging stages
  • Use a variety of special items to help achieve your objective

Wii Points Cost

North America: 1000 Points
Europe: 1000 Points
Japan: 1000 Points
Australia: 1000 Points

Add-on Content

Baseball Bears: 100 Points
Football Bears: 100 Points
Hockey Bears: 100 Points
Basketball Bears: 100 Points
Soccer Bears: 100 Points
Golf Bears: 100 Points
Rare Story 1: 300 Points
Rare Story 2: 300 Points
Rare Story 3: 300 Points
Rare Story 4: 300 Points
Rare Story 5: 300 Points

Official URL

The Tales of Bearsworth Manor Official Site (NA)
Official Site (NA)
Official Site (JP)
Official Site (EU)
WiiWare Page (NA)
WiiWare Page (JP)
WiiWare Page (EU)
WiiWare Page (AU)
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Jun 06, 10 8:38am
  • Genre: Puzzle (WiiWare)
  • Perspective(s): Flat side view
  • Developer: Square Enix
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Released
    North AmericaJun 21, 2010
    EuropeJun 25, 2010
    JapanJun 8, 2010
    AustraliaJun 25, 2010
  • Also known as:
  • Kumanage: The Red Candy that Piina Likes in Japan
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