Super Smash Bros. Brawl Completed

Username Completion Date Achievements
peterp Apr 28, 2014 None
bob1953 Dec 31, 2011 None
torterrafan Aug 3, 2011 None
ikeeledu Jan 1, 2011 None
WangChung Nov 1, 2010 None
twister15 Aug 15, 2010 None
Zancho_Red Feb 10, 2010 None
Bubby68 Jan 1, 2010 None
ProtossZealot Jan 1, 2010 None
Austin810 Jan 1, 2010 None
Nerd31 Dec 29, 2009 None
twinArmageddons Sep 16, 2009 None
IzTehEpicness Sep 1, 2009 None
Ergot695 May 20, 2009 None
CheatMaster101 May 18, 2009 None
theonemangroup May 10, 2009 None
ive May 1, 2009 Collected all 700 sticker. Missing 4 trophies. Got over 10,000 ft in HRC. Got under 3 seconds in Target Smash. Completed over 20,000 brawls. Over 500 SD's (xD). Over 900 replays, over 200 custom stages, and 1,000 snapshots (max).
DXD Mar 7, 2009 Two days before this remarkable game's one-year anniversary did I finally defeat Tabuu using a useful array of strong, somewhat speedy characters with rapid fire attacks such as Meta Knight, Sonic, and Samus. I've also obviously unlocked every character in the game and have nearly every trophy collected.
xxgreenbunnyxx Jan 1, 2009 got all characters
gogefma22 Jan 1, 2009 None
owners4life5 Jan 1, 2009 None
Pop3464 Jan 1, 2009 None
logan1120 Dec 31, 2008 got all characters. got all of the stages.beated the story mode.
Mr Cheater Dec 28, 2008 I beat it with my freind it was kinda easy but hard in some ways!!! XD
Stitch Dec 24, 2008 None
kirbystar64 Oct 10, 2008 Gotten all Characters and stages. gotten 30 smash trophies
Sammi101797 Oct 10, 2008 Very long and kinda hard but very fun!
PokeZoe Aug 31, 2008 Completed SSE (took 1 day) Unlocked all stages. Unlocked all characters. Completed most challenges.
Kudzuka Jul 17, 2008 subspace, vault content
Thunder850 Jul 13, 2008 Really awesome! =D =D =D
Andy Jul 1, 2008 - Completed SubSpace - Unlocked All Characters
piplup847 Jun 1, 2008 me+kirby=squish you like a bug
Mew May 22, 2008 Kinda fast i like this game alot so i beat restarted and beat it again (this time i hav wifi!)
Tobac Mar 29, 2008 None
SIN4 Mar 23, 2008 None
SoraMew Mar 20, 2008 all
keikeo Mar 17, 2008 Beat the whole SSE
Craftyboy Mar 14, 2008 Unlocked all Characters. Bet All Events. Most Challenges Have Been Bet. 9999 coins.
R1DDL3S Mar 12, 2008 It was a great game, took me awhile to actually get to the adventure mode because Classic mode was so addicting. SubSpace was fun, some parts repetitive because of the enemies or even the intriguing cut scenes But great game
Re4Killer7 Mar 12, 2008 None
saggamer94 Mar 11, 2008 I've beaten the subspace emissary and unlocked all thing unlockable
Sc0rpius Mar 10, 2008 Beat SSE(100%), unlocked everything, need to collect the rest of trophies and stickers, did Classic on all modes, and need to do All-Star on all modes
Princess Midna Mar 9, 2008 Unlocked all the characters and beat the SE, of course not 100% but still :)
Gotenks Mar 1, 2008 None
Lesley Pro_04 Feb 22, 2008 Still love playing this one despite playing through all the single player modes, and beating all the co-op event matches as well. Discovered the glitches involving Wario losing the stored power on his Wario Waft move, and the glitch where a successful hit with Captain Falcon's Final Smash takes whatever item you're holding out of your hand. If they ever decide to do a sequel, they've got a challenge on their hands because [i]Super Smash Bros. Brawl[/i] set the bar very high.
Jiggly Lag Jan 1, 2008 None
Artsy Jan 1, 2008 Beat Subspace Emissary, got all characters, stages, masterpieces, Cd's, stage builder parts. Beat all but 2 challenges, 537 trophies, 694 stickers, over 1000 matches, over 5000 KOs (over 100 SD's lol) Play time well over 380 hours.
Machewman Jan 1, 2008 None
Frozen Atari Sep 18, 1983 Beat the three hands in less than an hour.
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