Super Mario Galaxy Completed

Username Completion Date Achievements
Freeze Oct 16, 2011 None
Dunnybrusher Jan 1, 2011 None
Thunder850 Oct 14, 2010 Most recent completion! 242 Stars! XD
kitkat333 Aug 17, 2010 None
ShadowNc Jun 25, 2010 Saved Peach with 65 stars.
NinPower May 20, 2010 None
WereJackal Feb 23, 2010 None
VinnyVideo Feb 10, 2010 Got all 120 Power Stars. A rare game worthy of a perfect 10 on my scale.
WangChung Jan 1, 2010 None
game_testerWB1 Jan 1, 2009 None
weirdalrulez Jan 1, 2009 None
knb Dec 3, 2008 None
Empoleon1996 Mar 2, 2008 This is a GREAT game.I would enjoy seeing a sequel to this one.It isn't very easy.It was aa awsome challenge.I loved Roselina and her story.I also looooooove the lumas.
Lesorin Feb 20, 2008 I beat it finaly go me!
D24 Feb 2, 2008 None
Andy Feb 1, 2008 - Got all 120 Star with Mario
Quill Jan 18, 2008 Beat game with mario now gotta do luigi
Name Undisclosed Jan 18, 2008 None
pyc0913 Jan 15, 2008 None
Deladem Jan 14, 2008 None
Komali Jan 9, 2008 Ize got this on December 25th 2007 and beat the whole game in like two weeks, and that includes luigi, mario and luigi = 121 Stars.
SoraMew Jan 2, 2008 All Stars
Gotenks Jan 1, 2008 None
gogefma22 Jan 1, 2008 None
Machewman Jan 1, 2008 None
chaos Dec 4, 2007 None
Chekkaa Dec 2, 2007 I have beaten it completely with Mario and Luigi and I have all 242 stars.
kaijudo Dec 1, 2007 took my time to enjoy it. all 120 stars with mario. unlocked luigi. all 120 stars with luigi. unlocked grand finale galaxy. grand finale galaxy star with mario. grand finale galaxy star with luigi.
Nurio Dec 1, 2007 100% complete!
GoldNBlack381 Dec 1, 2007 None
Relient K Nov 26, 2007 It took me a couple weeks to beat it, but I finally did. Now I am aiming for 120 stars.
azurice Nov 20, 2007 got 5000+ starbits got 100+ stars faster than a speeding penguin time:01:18:96 very spooky sprint time:01:08:75 racin the spooky speedster:00:52:56 surfing 101 time:01:04:80
FFXFREAK Nov 1, 2007 I don't remember how long this took me to beat, but it was awesome, I've gotten all the stars ^^.
GallantmonX Jul 1, 2007 Everything completed and accomplished without ANY dying. Mario + Galaxies = Disappointment
GPPsvw237 Apr 13, 2003 None
InvaderHera No completion date All 120 stars with Mario. Haven't played with Luigi yet.
bakfromon No completion date None
PokeZoe No completion date I collected every star as Mario and Luigi.
swords1229 No completion date still need 14 more stars for new planet after the fate of the universe
VeGiTAX2 No completion date None
JailerGirl No completion date None
Sonic Flash No completion date None
Akira_EX No completion date None
Murray3 No completion date None
Chain Chomp No completion date None
Giga Bowser No completion date None
Sonic_2 No completion date None
WireFrame No completion date None
BadassNinja No completion date None
yugiRULER No completion date Everything but a few stars found.