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This 3-on-3 street basketball game was released in 1994. Players choose from 10 teams vying for the position of the strongest street basketball team in America. The excitement of this game comes from the players' ability to enjoy an exhilarating game of street basketball. In addition to pulling off fancy slam dunks, players can enjoy the thrill of basketball with simple controls that allow them to make passes to players in midair to throw down a slam dunk or dunk when rebounding the ball. Additionally, if players charge up their gauges, they'll be able to make an earth-shattering super shot that can break any defense. This game successfully combines adherence to the basics of basketball with some outrageous special moves.

Originally for the NeoGeo

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North America: 900 Points

This week, a sports game (from Neo-Geo of all things) can be added to Virtual Console libraries for a bit of... posted Nov 01, 10 4:03pm

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