Spore Hero Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.4/10

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Spore Hero Reviews

website score publish date
Cubed3 5/10 Jan 14 '10
IGN Wii 6.1/10 Oct 09 '09
1UP C- Oct 14 '09
Computer and Video Games 6.5/10 Oct 08 '09
Games Radar 7/10 Oct 08 '09
Nintendo The Official Magazine 75% Oct 10 '09
Nintendo World Report 7/10 Oct 25 '09
Wonderwall 9.0/10 Oct 14 '09
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Spore Hero Previews

website publish date
HookedGamers.com Sep 04 '09
Destructoid Jul 23 '09
IGN Wii Aug 19 '09
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1UP on Oct 31 '09

"If I were foolish enough to open this review with a reference to an impossibly endless debate between strongly passionate sides that could completely derail whatever I had to say about the game..."

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Computer and Video Games on Nov 02 '09

"It lives! But it wishes it didn't..."

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Games Radar on Oct 24 '09

"There’s something undeniably impressive going on at the heart of Spore Hero; some kind of alien technology that means if you stick a third leg on the creature you create and put its eyes on..."

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IGN Wii on Oct 13 '09

"The game itself puts focus on platform-style exploration while incorporating Spore-like mechanics, just like last year's DS game. As you work your way through the world you'll earn body parts with..."

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