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Spectrobes: Origins Reviews

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About.com Games 6/10 Aug 23 '09
GameSpot 6/10 Aug 31 '09
1UP B Aug 20 '09
Nintendo The Official Magazine 73% Sep 17 '09
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Spectrobes: Origins Previews

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GameSpot May 07 '09
GameSpot Mar 24 '09
GameZone Jun 02 '09
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Quoted from Spectrobes: Origins Reviews:
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"The Saturday morning cartoons we knew as kids are long gone, with the major networks having ceded that territory to Cartoon Network and its ilk. Switch to those networks, and what you'll find is a long way from what you're used to. You'll find brightly colored, kid-friendly anime starring girls with bubblegum-colored hair and guys who yell "iku ze!" In other words, shows just like Spectrobes: Origins. The difference, of course, is that Spectrobes was designed from the ground up to be a videogame, but it still manages to channel the Saturday morning sensibilities of today's popular kids shows. It stars Rallen and Jeena, two "Nanairo Planetary Patrol Officers" who battle the villainous species known as the Krawl, with the help of Pokémon-like creatures called Spectrobes."
"The bland story and flat, tedious dialogue make the game’s alternating stretches of painful sincerity and witless comedy about as excruciating as possible. I was once a kid myself, and I know a lot of shows I loved would, through an adult’s eyes, be agonizing, but I can only speak as an adult, and as an adult, Origins came close to putting me in a boredom-induced coma."
"Spectrobes: Origins is an action role-playing game that pits you and your team of powerful spectrobes against a dark force that devours whole galaxies. It marks the first time that the series has made the leap from handheld to console and features a healthy variety of spectrobes and a promising battle system, but its core mechanics never mature enough to create a truly gripping adventure. It's also quite repetitive and beset by numerous annoying faults that make this a charming but unrefined button masher. "
"Not quite the snore-fest we anticipated. Something doesn't quite compute with Spectrobes: Origins. Someone must have spilt a cup of tea over the blueprints for the game. Clearly, videogame law states that games aimed at kids cannot be i) fun or ii) involving. Moreover, if said game features collectable monsters which are conducive to beating large groups of enemies, these must be irritating at all times and, to the main extent, pointless. Click here to read the full article"