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The Space Invaders are back, and this time they're out to get even! Take control of a UFO and make those Earthlings pay by unleashing your fleet of heroic invaders against their puny tanks, fighter jets, and artillery--but watch out for the massive boss awaiting you at the end of each stage! Use your invaders' five attack types and the might of the mother ship to rack up high scores.

Wii Points Cost

North America: 500 Points
Europe: 500 Points
Japan: 500 Points
Australia: 500 Points

Add-on Content

Stage Pack A: 500 Points
Stage Pack B: 500 Points
Stage Pack C: 500 Points

Official URL

Official Site (NA)
Official Site (JP)
Official Site (EU)
WiiWare Page (NA)
WiiWare Page (JP)
WiiWare Page (EU)
WiiWare Page (AU)
  • Genre: Space Action (Wii)
  • Theme(s): Sci-Fi (Futuristic)
  • Developer: Taito
  • Publisher: WiiWare
  • Released
    North AmericaDec 1, 2008
    EuropeNov 7, 2008
    JapanAug 26, 2008
    AustraliaNov 7, 2008
  • Also known as:
  • Space Invaders Get Even ~Gyakushuu no Space Invader~ in Japan
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