Sonic and the Secret Rings Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.9/10

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Sonic and the Secret Rings Reviews

website score publish date
EuroGamer 8/10 Mar 02 '07
Game Freaks 365 7/10 Feb 26 '07
GameDaily 5/10 Feb 20 '07
Gaming Evolution 7.5/10 Mar 03 '07
GotNext 3.5/5 Apr 19 '07
Thunderbolt 7/10 Apr 17 '07
Gamespot 7.6/10 Feb 20 '07
Gamespy 3/5 Mar 05 '07
Gaming-Age B+ Feb 20 '07
IGN Wii 6.9/10 Feb 20 '07
Nintendo World Report 5/10 Mar 06 '07
Nintendojo 7.9 / 10 Jul 09 '07
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Sonic and the Secret Rings Previews

website publish date
CheatCC May 09 '06
Gamespot May 12 '06
Gaming Evolution May 13 '06
IGN Wii Jan 19 '07
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Game Freaks 365 on Feb 28 '07

"Sonic still isn’t quite up to grade with his peers, but at least he’s managed to get around the harsh reprimands of his critics (mostly). Sonic and the Secret Rings is a great addition to one’s Wii..."

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Gamespot on Feb 21 '07

"Sonic and the Secret Rings delivers an excellent sense of speed and plenty of depth, and what's just as impressive is that it makes Sonic fun again."

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Gamespy on Mar 06 '07

"The overall experience of navigating through Sonic and the Secret Rings doesn't manage to bring the series back to glory, but at least it gives it some life. Taking the shattered corpse of the..."

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Gaming Evolution on Mar 04 '07

"'ll run, you'll jump, you'll grind, and you'll dodge, weave, and dash through and around obstacles at blazing speeds that make Secret Rings into exactly what a Sonic game is supposed to feel..."

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IGN Wii on Jan 21 '07

"Running around as Sonic on the Wii is a more enjoyable hedgehog-themed experience than we have had in years. The game is blisteringly fast and only gets faster the better you play."

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