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Sonic returns to the Wii on a wild ride through a storybook world of Arthurian legend in his all-new adventure, Sonic and the Black Knight. In this strange, enchanted medieval world, Sonic wields a sword in his effort to save the day. Encountering many friends and foes along the way, Sonic shows them what it takes to be a true hero and the ultimate knight. Master the sword and unravel the mystery behind this intriguing adventure...


The new gameplay engine will be a upgraded "Hedgehog Engine" previously seen in Sonic Unleashed and Sonic And The Secret Rings. This means quick 2D/3D action based on speed. Combined with the feature of a sword, Sonic will be able to quickly attack with quick blows. Boss Battles will be slower and focusing more on the power and technique, often showing you a way to progress into further levels.


  • The game makes use of an improved graphics system originally used in Sonic Unleashed, including transitions between the 3D and 2D perspectives.
  • The game will make used of Adventure Fields where you are free to explore at your own pace and interact with villagers. You can choose to help or smite these characters and you can gain points during various missions for doing so.
  • You will be able to collect and equip different weaponry and other power-ups.
  • The music will consist of classic Sonic tunes, remixed into a Celtic style.

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Personal Best Time Vs Arthur: 6.99 seconds SonicandTheBlackKnight Wii
very short with very little replay value but outstanding sound track SonicandTheBlackKnight Wii
Like crystal cave, good storyline SonicandTheBlackKnight Wii

Sonic and the Black Knight was a purchase I made for a couple of reasons. The first is...

Ow my arm, my poor poor arm XD But DAMN is Lancelot awesome ^^ SonicandTheBlackKnight Wii
I beat the game the day after I got it! xD I LOVE this game though!<333 SonicandTheBlackKnight Wii
easy story mode hard challeges SonicandTheBlackKnight Wii
Its kinda short but its worth it SonicandTheBlackKnight Wii
Good fun, but way too easy. SonicandTheBlackKnight Wii
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