Duncan Idaho's Sin & Punishment: Star Successor Review

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Insanity Prevails Jul 15, 11
Can't fault the details of the gameplay and stuff like that here. Sounds like quite an interesting game.

It's rare for me to say this, but I think you might want to consider scaling down the amount of coverage you give to the story with your reviews. A summary is expected and encouraged but you seem to run through the entire plot details. You want to leave some of it for players to find out by themselves when they play the game.
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Duncan Idaho Jul 15, 11
Well it was needed for this and Baroque, other of my reviews do not cover so much of the plot of game (my x men origins review for example) but i tend to cover general details and i had to do it like this here, since players that never tocuhed the original SAP will be left clueless on what is going on, plus i did not cover two great spoilers of this game regarding the true ID of Achi, nor some bits of Isa's past.

If you are planning on buying this, then go and have ataste of the original SAP, it's considered among fans as the best jewel the N64 had along OOT and others.