The third installment in the Rune Factory series, Rune Factory Frontier is a step up from both Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon and Rune Factory 2. This game has been made for the Nintendo Wii console and also with the addition of the choice of either 16x9 or 4x3 output modes.

Raguna (or Lugana) makes a comeback with his friend, Mist as a new land appears and it's up to the two of them to go to this land and rescue a mysterious missing girl.

In this new game, Raguna sees something quite mysterious. A foretress atop a mass of floating land appears from the blue, but why and is this land mass...alive!?!

Like the other two installments, this game proves to be a spin off of the regular normal life style of the Harvest Moon series.

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cul8r1011234 and 7 others played Rune Factory Frontier
I love this game. I want to marry Bianca in one file, Annette in another! RuneFactoryFrontier Wii
Aiming to marry Rosetta in game. RuneFactoryFrontier Wii
The King of all Harvest Moon games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD RuneFactoryFrontier Wii
Funny thing is, despite playing a boy, my cooking skill is almost lvl 100. I want to be that good at cooking ._. RuneFactoryFrontier Wii
Im currently stuck trying to cut lumber, uugh RuneFactoryFrontier Wii
almost marred the bath house girl just needed one more day! RuneFactoryFrontier Wii
so totally awesome i love rune factory frontier RuneFactoryFrontier Wii
awesome game! i am still in progress of beating it. had to start over though DX sad RuneFactoryFrontier Wii
Not the best...but the anime sequences are AWESOME!!! RuneFactoryFrontier Wii
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