Red Steel is the story of a man who must master the ancient art of the katana as well as the modern art of firearms to save his fiancee from Yakuza thugs who are after the legendary blade his future father in-law once wielded. After escaping a murder attempt in Los Angeles, Scott must travel to Tokyo to train his body and mind to save his loved one and stop an even bigger plan the scheming thugs have in mind.


Using the unique design of the Wii Remote and it's Nunchuk partner, control Scott on his mission as though you were him yourself! Execute real moves such as swinging the Wii Remote itself to swing the in-game sword, or aim and shoot your gun.


  • Exclusively for the Wii: Red Steel is the only original first-person action game built from the ground up for the Wii.

  • Player Takes Complete Control: Take full advantage of the Wii controller, and control the action like never before..You'll replicate sword-fighting movements and eliminate enemies quickly by directly targeting and shooting them.

  • Master the Deadly Steel: Execute deadly combo moves using multiple swords or choose from a variety of firearms for long-range attacks.

  • Focus Is Key: Learn to harness your mental power to unleash powerful attacks in dire situations, and use the "focus system" to freeze time and effectively target several enemies at once.

  • Become a Modern Samurai: Learn the art of Japanese fighting, and then use these skills to take out your enemies or gain their respect and loyalty by sparing them.

  • Multiplayer Modes: Challenge friends with various split-screen multiplayer modes to see who the real master is.

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What!? a first person shooter where you are an awesome ninja warrior?! Awesome! far from it actually.... rather boring RedSteel Wii
bad controls bad gameplay very shit and dull RedSteel Wii
Poor controls make this game difficult to enjoy. RedSteel Wii
its quite cool, graet use of the WiiMote, and you can use a shotgun!!! RedSteel Wii
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