Join the Flight Club to take to the skies and experience a variety of aerial activities. Take off and pilot a biplane through rings along a predetermined flight path, or drift serenely in a hang glider, catching thermal currents to gain altitude. In either case, just be sure to stick the landing. Looking for more speed? Strap on the rocket belt to blast your way around an obstacle course. If that's not enough, reach maximum velocity as you tackle a skydiving lesson at 3,800 feet. Complete specific objectives within a set time limit to score points (and maybe even a bonus chance) and obtain certification in eight different lessons. Your goals will become more challenging, and weather conditions will make controlling your vehicle more difficult as you progress. If you succeed, you will be rewarded with the opportunity to pilot an attack helicopter on a daring rescue mission. It's time to earn your wings.

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Aug 04, 10 4:32pm
3/5 Pilotwings64 N64
Sep 25, 09 7:13pm
This game is both relaxing and fun. Has a soothing soundtrack. Pilotwings64 N64
Dec 02, 08 10:02pm
Best game for the N64. Pilotwings64 N64
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7.5 / 10