You control a spaceman called Captain Olimar who has crash-landed on an unusual planet. The planet is inhabited by Pikmin - strange flower-like creatures that are half-animal, half-plant as well as a variety of hostile creatures who will try and stop you in your mission. Captain Olimar must collect 30 sections of his crashed vessel which have been scattered across the planet to reassemble his ship and continue his galactic quest: luckily the obliging Pikmin are there to help him.

Each type of Pikmin has unique strengths, which Olimar must use to his advantage. Red Pikmin can withstand high temperatures, blue Pikmin can survive in water, while yellow Pikmin can destroy obstacles by using bomb-rocks. Players can control 100 Pikmin at any one time organising them individually, in groups, or in an army of 100 and the Wii Remote makes selecting, grouping and giving orders to your Pikmin more fluid and more intuitive than ever before making it more accessible to all levels of players.


  • With newly added Wii motion controls, players simply point the Wii Remote controller at the screen to wrangle an army of Pikmin and put them to work.
  • The New Play Control! features open this highly rated Nintendo GameCube game to a new generation of players while giving players who loved it the first time a new way to experience it.
  • Players take command of up to 100 Pikmin and order them to swarm dangerous predators, demolish barriers and haul critical parts back to their ship. The game combines action and strategy with fun characters.
PAJ_S and 46 others own Pikmin
Nicholas33310 and 10 others played Pikmin
an awesome strategy game for the gamecube (i don't own the gamecube version, i own the wii adaption). Pikmin Wii
i found it very boring dull and frustrating Pikmin Wii
I fought the Mamuta, the Goolix, and the terrible Smokey Progg! Only lost 80 some Pikmin to the demon as well! Pikmin Wii
Played 7 times or so, then got bored and moved to 2. Pikmin GC
Played twice, maybe three times. The Wii controls suck for someone who's played GC Pikmin for years on end. Pikmin GC
A fun game, though sometimes the time limit made things difficult. But difficulty is fun... right? Pikmin GC
loved this game getting a whole army together to do stuff an jump people an i kinda liked watching them attack bigger targets an getting... Pikmin GC
looking for all the pices but im not playing that much to acctidct to the pc Pikmin Wii
Eh, not as good as Pikmin 2. Pikmin GC
This is a good game. I'd recommend it. Pikmin GC
Behold, my army of VEGGIES!!!! Pikmin GC
i think they should just make the third already Pikmin GC
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7.9 / 10
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