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PictureBook Games: Pop-Up Pursuit is a board game played on a pop-up picture book. Take advantage of various cards, and use special squares to your benefit as you race for the goal. The coins you hold can be the key to victory. Devise a unique strategy for dealing with the other players while competing for victory. The squares of the Book of Magick have different effects depending on your good and bad deeds. When someone reaches the goal, the game ends. Save those coins--even if you don't reach the goal first, holding enough coins can lead to a comeback!

Will you push on, or try to stop your opponents? Will you gather a fortune in coins to attempt an upset victory? The strategy is up to you! Enjoy the game alone, or play with up to four people using one Wii Remote controller.

Wii Points Cost

North America: 800 Points
Europe: 800 Points
Japan: 1000 Points
Australia: 800 Points

Official URL

Official Site (NA)
Official Site (JP)
WiiWare Page (EU)
WiiWare Page (AU)
  • Genre: Card & Board Games (WiiWare)
  • Theme(s): Fantasy, Children's
  • Perspective(s): Third Person
  • Developer: Grounding
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Released
    North AmericaAug 17, 2009
    EuropeOct 23, 2009
    JapanMar 26, 2009
    AustraliaOct 23, 2009
  • Player Info:
  • Offline Multi-player (2-4)
  • Also known as:
  • Asoberu Ehon: Tobida Sugoroku! in Japan
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