Paper Mario Own / Want List

Username Comments
Ephriokko I played this briefly as a kid, never saw it again, played TTYD, then decided to get this again on VC a couple years later.
Akira_EX None
the real slim None
yugiRULER None
Celes Leonhart None
Cloudy Wolf None
Quixotic None
Inferno07 None
Budl012 None
Ultimate Shadow None
Tissue 1 None
Joshua Mackley None
Avalith None
thomascorbo None
ManaBlitz None
pottymouth96 None
Popo master 41 None
zeldageek None
Ripulse None
Lumina40 None
Kirby123 None
maggiver99 eh
Flagman None
Trev81 None
masterck9 None
Extreme550 None
Dreamer None
shasson883 None
Brandon679 None
Pokemon Z RPG None
benblade999 None
GAMER_21012 None
Majy_The_Dragon None
El Azul Diablo None
Cheats man 75965 None
neighbor None
ndsreviewerguy GOOD GAME
Kid A None
Shadow Wolf 10 None
thetruegamer78 None
22312065 None
Sasuke Sharingan None
gunguy77 None
nnn1110 None
Master Duke None
JamesFanscape None
Anonymous Reborn None
dragonking01 None
Zuidy None
Aura_Blaze None