The title of this game is so called because of the 2D paper cut-out look of the characters in their 3D world. This game has classic Mario-style action incorporated with regular RPG storyline, puzzles, and strategic turn-based battles. Featuring an all-star cast of characters including Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser and Toad.


Use the gamecube or classic controller to move through a 3-D world.


Buy badges, defeat enemies for money, sell some items, buy some items, and a lot more.

Smash the ground to make cool sounds with you hammer/double jump.

Talk with Yoshis, Boos, Toads, Koopas, Bomb-ombs, and more.

Go around in search of star pieces, level-up boxes, badges, ect.

Hardware Requirements

Classic controller
Gamecube Controller
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Just started the Crystal Palace! Not a big fan of this place though. =( PaperMario Wii
Just entered Shy Guy's Toybox! PaperMario Wii
Amazing game,but I'm stuck trying to rescue a baby Yoshi. PaperMario N64
Finally have it on WiiWare! It is MIIIIINEEEEE!!! PaperMario N64
Have this one on VC. But its better on the original system. The N64! PaperMario N64
I played this briefly as a kid, never saw it again, played TTYD, then decided to get this again on VC a couple years later. PaperMario N64
i like this game alot! 7.2/10 PaperMario N64
Great and funny RPG. PaperMario N64
Hard, can't understand this Goomboss Battle with Red Goomba and Blue Goomba. PaperMario N64
i just got a pop diva to sing PaperMario Wii
Own the physical cartrige and ROM for Project 64. PaperMario N64
After watching a series of YouTube videos by a guy called chugaconroy, I totally want this game. PaperMario N64
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