There's only one way to the top ranks of the underground world of paid assassins and it's going to get messy. Lucky for Travis Touchdown, he just knocked off the world's eleventh best without breaking a sweat. The life of fame and fortune couldn't be closer. Heads will roll and names will be taken, but everything is not what it seems.

It all started after Travis was assigned to take on the drifter known as Helter Skelter, the United Assassin Association's 11th ranked assassin. After a grueling battle, Travis emerged the winner, collected the spoils of battle and claimed his title as the new 11th ranked assassin. However, the situation turns out to be more complicated than Travis first thought. It is after the mysterious beauty, Sylvia Christel, appears that the real adventure begins.


Experience realistic action through the Nintendo Wii like never before! Control Travis Touchdown with your Wii Remote as he slashes his way through the ranks of the assassin. With the Wii's movement sensors, Travis will slash when and how you do, in a fast-paced battle system, no bars down. Using the Nunchuk, you can also control him as he explores the vast lands of times, and interacts with other people.


  • Hack and Smash Your Way Through Santa Destroy, California: Unleash a lethal combination of sword slashes and wrestling moves in this fast paced third-person action game. Easy to learn, but challenging to master.
  • Roam a Sand Box Universe in Full 3D: Immerse yourself in a modern, highly stylized world. Roam the city on foot or slide around corners on your speed bike.
  • An Action Experience Unlike Any Other on Wii: Bring the pain and let your plasma-beam katana do the talking. You control the action with two Wii remote sensitive attack stances and an arsenal of close combat wrestling moves.
  • Roam a Sand Box Universe in Full 3D: Immerse yourself in a modern, highly stylized world. Roam the city on foot or slide around corners on your speed bike.
  • Side Missions and Mini-Games: Complete side jobs for extra cash or just play them for fun. Features games like Pizza Delivery, Graffiti Blaster and Speed Bike Racing.
  • Customizable Character and Weapons: Customize your characters wardrobe, learn new attacks and customize new weapons.
  • Highly Stylized Environments and Gameplay: Features environments that are both stunning and stylish. Gameplay gives a nod to the classic arcade games of the 80’s, as well as the games of tomorrow.

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Mad action and hilarious script, but open world needs more to do 9/10 NoMoreHeroes Wii
A fun more hack and slash game. Only a few parts really require twitch skills or timing. NoMoreHeroes Wii

Hello, welcome to my review of No More Heroes, an M rated action game for the Wii. No...


No more heroes has been out for a while now. However I only recently picked it up...


No More Heroes is another eccentric creation from the mind of Suda 51, who created...


The game starts you off as Travis Touchdown, an anime obsessed young adult with a...


No More Heroes is an action/adventure game. It's set in a place called Santa Destroy....

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