NHL 2K9 is the next installment of the highly anticipated hockey video game which will feature the three-time NHL All-Star and captain of the Columbus Blue Jackets, Rick Nash.


  • Wii Remote Shooting: Execute wrist shots with the flick of the Wii Remote or put some power into shots by holding the B button while flicking the Wii Remote to blast a slapper.
  • Wii Remote Fighting: Adding a never-before-seen layer of fun to hockey video games, NHL 2K9 features on-ice showdowns. Balance with the Nunchuk and punch with the Wii Remote to get your opponent off their feet.
  • Precision Passing / Chain Passing: Exclusive to Wii, take the guesswork out of which player is going to receive a pass by selecting players with the Wii Remote cursor. One-timers, give-and-go and tic-tac-toe passing are executed by selecting multiple players prior to pressing the pass or A button.
  • Wii Remote Goaltending: Gesture-based goaltending allows fans to get between the pipes and flash the leather. Even take control when it counts the most -- in shootouts!
  • Full Featured Simulation: NHL 2K9 on Wii offers the same full-featured, fun hockey experience as available on other platforms complete with franchise mode, practice mode with a tutorial, pond hockey, and much more!

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