My Word Coach, developed in collaboration with linguists, helps players improve their verbal communication and vocabulary in a fun way. My Word Coach can be played alone or with friends.


  • Over 16,500 words and definitions using the Official Cambridge Dictionary.
  • 3 difficulty levels.
  • Developed in collaboration with Tom Cobb-Mac Gill & Quebec University - Linguist.
  • 4 different personal coaches to choose from.
  • Save the data of 3 people so the whole family can play.
  • Play with words and letters with 6 Core Training Exercises.
  • Missing Letter: Words are missing letters - find back the good one to succeed. In other levels, find which letter is incorrect & change it by the proper one.
  • Split Decision: Choose between several propositions the good definition for a word.
  • Pasta Letter: In this speed challenge, spell out words from letters sinking in a soup. In easy level, letters are displayed in the right order before being mixed in the soup. In harder level, only the definition will be displayed & you will have to figure out what is the word to spell.
  • Block Letter: In this Tetris like, spell any of the listed word with the block. When a word is correctly completed, it blocks are removed.
  • Word Shuffle: Fill in the spot the definitions corresponding to the correct word. Lastly, you will have to find back the word corresponding to the given definition between lots of different words.
  • Safecracker: A word is the code of the safe. From the definition, write it as fast as possible & defeat your opponent.

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