Monster Hunter Tri Own / Want List

Username Comments
Akira_EX None
Celestial_Sunfire None
KarasuShiro None
Twin_Master Excellent Monster Hunter game, but doesn't compare to MHFU.
Psycho5050 None
Narcissus None
splitshadow None
Vergil Ties None
Daedric_soulslayer None
Machienzo Bought it and have been loving it ever since.
caribpokemon76 None
Dark Arcanine None
tarheelmidgit None
Avalith None
Lordpilot None
kokushishin None
Ixillius Definitely holds up to previous titles.
euben0 Awesome game not even half done and I have spent 80 hours on it!
Golden Inferno None
Noesis None
msteel None
Manaphyluva777 None
Hellbully None
Brewsky95 None
the rathalos guy None
Zhents None
shadow_warrior1028 None
Le_Avatar None
Phi None
Kirby123 None
kalasking None
Marioman93 None
wolskic None
thefamousfish None
yassmineyt2 This is the only Monster Hunter I have ever played, so I cant say if this is the hardest, best, worst, or easiest, but All I can say is that I LOVE IT!
millenat10 None
Requiem2k8 None
zupercatz None
sonicshadowboy None
phinx128 None
cheesemonkey333 None
9volt None
Ahura Mazda None
Skimmons01 None
MicaiahXSothe An awesome and entertaining game.
Shugotenshi None
KoreaJapanCanada None
Mudkipx3 None
GoatMasta305 None