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It's a mind-bending, gravity-defying puzzler! The Moki are being devoured by the voracious Gromblins, and it's up to you to guide the hapless little guys to safety. Bend, twist, and rotate the environment to herd the Moki through a series of brain-teasing puzzles! Along the way, you'll have to contend with deadly pitfalls, spinning blades, and shifting gravity. Roll Moki down ramps, grab them with hooks, and blast them with jets to guide them safely to the portals. Challenge your skills over 100 totally unique levels!

Wii Points Cost

North America: 800 Points
Europe: 800 Points
Japan: 800 Points
Australia: 800 Points

Official URL

Official Site (JP)
WiiWare Page (NA)
WiiWare Page (JP)
WiiWare Page (EU)
WiiWare Page (AU)
  • Genre: Puzzle (WiiWare)
  • Developer: Natsume
  • Publisher: Natsume
  • Released
    North AmericaDec 14, 2009
    EuropeDec 18, 2009
    JapanJun 16, 2009
    AustraliaDec 18, 2009
  • Also known as:
  • Antaga Mawashite Sukuu Puzzle: Mochimochi Q in Japan
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