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Metroid Prime Trilogy Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Cubed3 10/10 Feb 07 '10
Destructoid 9.5/10 Sep 07 '09
Digital Chumps 9.4/10 Aug 21 '09
GameDaily 9/10 Aug 28 '09
1UP B+ Aug 20 '09
Computer and Video Games 9.1/10 Sep 03 '09
Destructoid 9.5/10 S Sep 07 '09
Destructoid 9.5/10 Sep 07 '09
Gamespy 4.5/5 Aug 24 '09
Gaming Excellence 9.6/10 Oct 29 '09
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Metroid Prime Trilogy Previews

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Quoted from Metroid Prime Trilogy Reviews:
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"You wouldn't think you'd find an awful lot of surprises in Metroid Prime Trilogy. It's a tweaked re-release package of fairly contemporary games, after all. But, you'd be wrong. For the attentive player, at least, Trilogy is rather eye opening. Oh, sure, the big details are exactly what you'd expect. Nintendo's aiming this one squarely at Metroid fans, and they've all played the Prime games. Chances are they currently own them, and since the Wii is perfectly backwards compatible with GameCube titles, that makes Trilogy practically redundant. The sales hook here, of course, is that this anthology retrofits the first two games with Corruption's slick point-and-shoot interface, which was far more elegant (not to mention enjoyable) than the clumsy scheme Retro saddled the GameCube titles with (or that the GameCube saddled Retro with, if you prefer)."
"Three (fairly recent) classic games in one package"
"Metroid Prime Trilogy is quickly becoming known as the Wii's equivalent to The Orange Box, and if you've played The Orange Box, you know how big a compliment that is. Thing is, I know there are a lot of you who still don't kn..."
"Just a couple months ago, GameStop was selling copies of Xenoblade for upwards of $90. The retailer has exclusive rights to the title, you'll remember. This monopoly and price hike raised a number of issues, especially when i..."
"No Wii collection is complete without the Metroid Prime Trilogy"