Approximately two years after the SNES was released, some older game series had been upgraded to 16-bit, but one had yet to receive that treatment. That is, until December 1993 in Japan and early 1994 elsewhere, when the Mega Man Franchise made its debut on the SNES/Super Famicom.

But this wasn't a continuation of what is known as the "Classic" franchise. This was the beginning of the Mega Man X Sub-Series, the first of its kind.

Game Info

It has been hundreds of years since the robot rebellions and the passing of Dr. Light, who created robots in the first place. Now an archaeologist by the name of Dr. Cain has found the remains of Dr. Light's lab, and within those ruins, a capsule. One that would contain his final creation: Mega Man X.

However, Mega Man X was not a "robot" per se: He is a Reploid, a robot that is capable of rational thought and making his (or her) own decisions. Dr. Cain would attempt to replicate the success of Dr. Light's work and implement Dr. Light's designs to create more Reploids.

At first, everything was going well. However, some Reploids would start to go "Maverick," and when they go Maverick they would attack the population. This led to the creation of the Maverick Hunters. Sigma, one of the Maverick Hunter leaders, would go Maverick himself and is now leading the Mavericks.

X has chosen to fight back against this insurgence, and teamed with his friend Zero, aim to take down Sigma and the Mavericks that he leads!

Game Play

While game play is similar to the Mega Man games on the NES, on the SNES these get expanded upon. In one of the stages X picks up an acceleration system to boost his speed (A Button), which also allows for a Dash Jump. Three other upgrades exist: a Helmet upgrade that allows X to destroy some blocks with a headbutt; an Armor upgrade that'll reduce the damage that X takes by 50%; and an X-Buster upgrade that increases the power of X's Charge Shot, along with being able to charge any Weapon for a stronger attack!

X is also capable of jumping on walls, and can scale walls this way. Plus pausing the game to switch weapons isn't necessary, as the L and R buttons can be used for cycling through the Weapons that X obtains from the Mavericks.

Game play goes through an Intro stage, then 8 Robot Masters before storming Sigma's Fortress, a four-stage gauntlet against Sigma's toughest Mavericks and Mechanloids before a showdown against Sigma himself!

Good luck, Mega Man X!
Playing as Mega Man in the Smash Demo hyped me up for some Mega Man action! Cant wait to get started on my first in the series! MegaManX Wii U
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#1 side scrolling game ever! 10 out of 5 stars!!! MegaManX SNES
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