What in the blue blazes has gotten into Proto Man? It was bad enough that he leveled half the city, but that wasn't enough, as he has now kidnapped Dr. Light, holding the good doctor and the rest of the city as hostages!

However Mega Man isn't alone. Dr Cossack has modified the Mega Buster, giving it stronger firepower. He's going to need all of its power to take down Proto Man's eight robots, and eventually Proto Man himself!

But is there more than meets the eye?

Game Play

The core game play remains the same in Mega Man 5 plus the aforementioned upgrade to the Mega Buster, which gives it a stronger charge shot. Hidden in each of the eight stages is a piece of the word "Mega Man 5" (spelled Rock Man 5 in Japan). Collecting all of these will unlock Beat, a robot bird that attacks enemies.

Each of the 8 Robot Masters will have their own weapon that will help against another Robot Master, which is standard fare for the Mega Man franchise. Stone Man, Gravity Man, Crystal Man, Charge Man, Napalm Man, Wave Man, Star Man and Gyro Man, and once all 8 are beaten comes a pair of multi-stage gauntlets to the end!


  • More than 15 challenging, action-packed stages, each with a boss at its end!
  • Each of the Robot Master's weapons have their own unique effects and work against different enemies!
  • Classic 8-bit gameplay for 1 player

Hardware Info

  • NES: 1 8-bit cartridge
  • Wii: Virtual Console
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