Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Own / Want List

Username Comments
Exonerate None
hamstar138 None
Cloudy Wolf None
PangTong_Blademaster None
Cassandra None
Darkness1000 None
tamigirl2552 None
Eridor None
Shadow Bob32 None
Diego392817 None
angelbaby20 None
piplup847 None
SonicPikachu25 My cousin and me LOVE this game!
BruinsFan30 None
Griffsports None
crash2000 None
Ellie101 Better on Wii! Family + MSOWG = Lots of fun and parents falling over!
Leon745 None
Schnickelfritz None
josh618 None
Dreamer None
General Death None
nnn1110 None
atcurtis8 None
Anonymous Reborn None
ClaireM None
TailsPrower25 None
rayquaza1999 None
DrMario24 None
Wolfssbb12 None
yoshdogg7 None
Valentine2731 None
panpe None
IamNotinKey None
anius0panda None
Sildonic clemmins None
tyfoon555 None
Saskai None
nintendo atari lover None
SerasFan25 None
Nigthmellan None
missylovesme None
SuperAlpaca None
BigCaseyDog None
kangaskhanisdaman None
pikachik None
Party Pooper better than summer olympics game
bilby_roxs None
ChugaaTailsAmy25 None
AlvinTheChipmunk25 None