Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Own / Want List

Username Comments
the real slim None
BZF None
BlasterMage None
Budl012 None
up Luigi 64 None
Adam X None
JordanP70 None
Makeamonkey None
twilightlover None
nick007bond None
EmO bOi RoSs94 None
Weird55 I've played this before and it was the second best Wii game ever (after Brawl).
yoshipower I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
maggiver99 None
arceus ruler None
Audioslave None
mjroady None
kespadas None
blighst None
SuperSonicBeatles25 None
zerr9414 None
SuperMaria None
Pokemon66 None
dmgkisapika112 None
beboto None
LGreylady None
avinash529 None
Orioko None
sisudog None
ChugaaTailsAmy25 None
AlvinTheChipmunk25 None
HyperSonAmyTails25 None
SkyePrower25 None
Lakeyja None
MasterJediNiGHTS25 None
pokepall None
neogamer13 None
NinPower None
HyperGogeta None
JoeJoeRocko None
jaws11684 None
Sil None
greatest rapper of None