Manhunt 2 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 5.8/10

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Manhunt 2 Reviews

website score publish date
Thunderbolt 4/10 Nov 09 '07
Wii Nintendo Life 7/10 Nov 02 '08
1UP 4/10 Oct 29 '07
Game Chronicles Magazine 6.0/10 Dec 08 '07
Gamespot 7.0/10 Oct 30 '07
Gamespy 2.5/5 Oct 29 '07
IGN Wii 7.7/10 Oct 29 '07
Nintendo World Report 6/10 Nov 12 '07
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Manhunt 2 Previews

website publish date
IGN Wii Jun 14 '07
IGN Wii May 25 '07
IGN Wii Sep 11 '07
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1UP on Oct 30 '07

"Really, the game warrants a 4 because it's technically playable and, despite its best efforts, probably won't plunge the industry into a period of navel-gazing and political sanction. Everything..."

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IGN Wii on May 28 '07

"The Wii version of Manhunt 2 looks noticeably better than the PS2 version. Rockstar Toronto has used the extra horsepower that Nintendo's console delivers to "up the gore." This is done in a few..."

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IGN Wii on Jul 05 '07

"If it's the environment that establishes the dark atmosphere so crucial to instilling fear and dread, it's the gameplay mechanics that deliver the tension and shocks that make the experience come..."

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IGN Wii on Sep 12 '07

"The Wii build of the game will feature a few extras, including some unique weapons and more blood splatter, not to mention the gesture-based controls (which generally work very well), but otherwise..."

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Thunderbolt on Apr 28 '08

"Despite its infamy, Manhunt 2 has little going for it. Yes, the game is utterly violent. You’ll get to see people dying in ways you’d never think possible in a game. However, the blurred executions..."

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