In MADWORLD, players participate in a game of life and death, where only the strong will survive. You play as Jack, who's caught up in the terror of Death Watch, the murderous game created by the terrorists who call themselves 'The Organizers'. To remain alive – and solve the mystery behind Death Watch – you must master the use of weapons and items found within the environment and compete in ultra violent mini-games designed to push you over the edge. With its irreverent humor and over-the-top violence MADWORLD delivers a visceral gaming experience that will be an instant classic on the Wii. Developed by Platinum Games, formed from the ashes of Capcom's Clover Studio, MADWORLD features a unique black, white, and red look that evokes the Sin City movie and comics.


Players are placed in some sort of game show, in which they must kill everything around them in incredibly brutal and over-the-top violent ways, in order to please so kind of controlling entity. The game designers hope to present a comic level of violence, as far removed from reality as possible.


  • Highly Stylized graphics – black and white graphics based on comic books and graphic novels deliver a stunning and unique looking game
  • Exciting, visceral gameplay – fast and instinctive arcade-style gameplay with brutal finishing moves delivered by the Wii Remote and Nunchuk
  • Over-the-top violence and irreverent content – exaggerated characters, murderous moves, monstrous bosses & outrageous commentary add to the irreverent and humorous tone
  • Multiplayer mini-games – compete in a variety of ultra-violent "party-games" that can be played hotseat against friends

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hilarious and fun. awesome game MadWorld Wii
Brutal slaughtering and ruthless butchering. An gore filled game that feels epically brutal. Controls are a bit lacking. MadWorld Wii
Extremely over the top violance, awesome. MadWorld Wii

When I first heard of the title MadWorld, I thought it sounded like some cheap WiiWare...


The way I see it, the Wii isn't really that good of a console. It hits the home run...

Sega studio director Constantine Hantzopoulos (yes, really) did some divulging on the latest episode of the 4... posted Jan 04, 10 7:00pm


Clover Studios were originally one of Capcom’s development teams whom were responsible...

killing people in awesome ways.... speechless!! .... with BLOOD! MadWorld Wii

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Very very voilent, puts GTA and God Of War to shame MadWorld Wii

SEGA and Sumthing Else Music Works have announced the release of the MADWORLD official soundtrack today. The... posted Jun 30, 09 5:54pm


With a monochrome, black and white graphics and over-the-top violence, Madworld stands...


Madworld has been heavily hyped as the adult breakthrough the wii has needed, and it's...

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