A wide variety of Kirby games from years' past, along with some new and previously unused ideas, all come together to make Kirby's Super Star a classic filled with hours of gameplay fun!

The entire Kirby formula is here, including an upgrade of the first game [Spring Breeze], a bird devastating the crops of Pop Star [Dyna Blade], a race for food against King DeDeDe in "Gourmet Race," which can be done head-to-head, a Treasure-Hunting Adventure [The Great Cave Offensive], an old enemy from Kirby's Adventure out for revenge in "Revenge of Meta Knight", which features timed levels, and a planet-hopping journey to stop the fighting Mr Shine and Mr Bright in "Milky Way Galaxy," where Deluxe Copy Abilities are the only way to acquire most Abilities!


Kirby's Adventure introduced the Copy Ability, but Kirby's Super Star is the first game in the series to truly expand on the concept, adding multiple moves to each Ability and giving some of them new names (for example "Back Drop" is now known as "Suplex"). Each Ability has their own unique moves; can you master them all?

New Abilities added to the series include Bomb, Plasma, Yo-Yo, Jet, Wing, Ninja, Copy (a scanner that allows Kirby to take an Ability without swallowing that enemy), Cook and Paint, among others.

To start there are only three main games available, the side game "Gourmet Race" and the two Mini-Games. By completing the main games you'll eventually be able to unlock "Revenge of Meta Knight" and "Milky Way Galaxy." Once those two games are completed you'll unlock "The Arena," a Boss Gauntlet in which you'll battle the Bosses from all the other Game Modes concluding with one final battle against Marx!

Each mode can be tackled solo, but a Helper can be summoned, which is either AI-controlled or controlled by a second player. If they run out of HP they'll explode and burn up for a bit before disappearing, but if they run into an enemy with a Copy Ability that doesn't have a use limit or Sleep, they'll take that Ability instantly!

Kirby's Super Star Ultra on the Nintendo DS may have made this game seem a bit obsolete due to all the new additions that were made to the remake, but this game is still a heck of a lot of fun!

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  • Genre: Action (Wii VC)
  • Theme(s): Anime, Fantasy
  • Perspective(s): Flat side view
  • Developer: HAL Laboratory
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  • Offline Multi-player (2-4)
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  • Also known as:
  • Hoshi no Kirby Super Deluxe in Japan
  • Kirby's Funpak in Europe
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