Iron Man (based on Marvel Studios' highly-anticipated Iron Man feature film starring Academy Award® Nominees Robert Downey Jr. and Terrence Howard, and directed by Jon Favreau.) is a third-person action game. Armed with a high-tech suit and a variety of weapons, the player will take on entire armies on constantly evolving and chaotic battlefields.


  • A DEVASTATING WEAPON: Iron Man alone battles armies of fighter jets, military tanks, armored Super Villains and more.
  • POWER CONTROL: Players will direct power to different parts of Iron Man's suit, creating a variety of unique attacks.
  • CHAOTIC BATTLEFIELDS: Open-ended battlefields create adrenalinepacked combat filled with unpredictable challenges.
  • BEYOND THE MOVIE: The game includes additional plotlines and characters from the Iron Man Comic Universe that are not featured in the movie.
  • OPEN WORLD: Players have complete freedom to move anywhere in the environment and make seamless transitions between ground combat and open air flight.

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