In Ghost 'n Goblins, players take control of the knight known as "Sir Arthur" and fight through many zombies, cyclops, demons, ghosts, that annoying Firebrand devil and other creatures to try to save Princess Prin Prin from the clutches of Satan, the ruler of the demon world! Arthur starts out with only his knight armor, trusty lance and of course his famed hearted boxers, and he gets access to other weapons such as daggers and torches that allow him to fight off the demon fiends. Ghosts 'n Goblins takes place over 7 extremely difficult stages and is considered one of the difficult games in gaming history, especially if you're going for the true ending.

The Wii's Virtual Console Arcade has been sadly neglected for a very long time now (Zaxxon was the last addition... posted Nov 08, 10 9:05pm

Kudistos Megistos
Mar 22, 09 7:43am
Damn, this game is hard! GhostsNGoblins NES
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