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Seto is a young boy that is extremely special; he may be the last human being alive on the planet. In a post-apocalyptic world that's covered in fog and has lost its light, he searches abandoned cities tirelessly with a flashlight in hopes of finding other humans, any humans, any companion at all...

As Seto searches through these eerily calm and beautiful ruins of a civilization lost, he comes across a mysterious girl named Ren, who quickly scurries away from him despite possibly being the only other living human in the world. As he struggles to locate Ren and search for other survivors, he must fight off the ghosts and demons that haunt this forsaken land while also piecing together the mystery of what brought about the disappearance of all mankind.

Game Play

In FRAGILE: Farewell Ruins of the Moon, players will explore a dark and abandoned world with the aid of their Wii Remote that functions as a flashlight and also a proximity sensor to track invisible ghosts. The highly cinematic presentation coupled with an emotive soundtrack bring the narrative of a lonely and lost soul to life as players encounter memorable characters and discover the backstory behind scavenged items that provide insight on people's last days before the apocalypse.


  • Emotional Story about Abandonment, Loneliness and Redemption - The game's focus is on human drama as a boy wanders a post-apocalyptic world in search of answers and companionship.
  • Gorgeous Graphics and Lighting Effects - High production values bring the desolate but eerily beautiful world to life as the lighting reflects realistically off environments to show all the tragic details of a previously inhabited land.
  • Moving Musical Score - A haunting and inspired soundtrack helps convey a full range of emotions such as utter despair to finding small victories even when it appears all is lost.
  • Controls Optimized for the Wii Remote - The Wii Remote is used as a flashlight and to control the direction of movement, while also serving another function as a proximity sensor to track invisible ghosts.

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